Saturday, January 14, 2012

Theatrics and My Spiel on Keeping up Appearances

This week was incredibly exciting! I auditioned for my schools musical production of The Jungle Book and was casted as the character Rashka, the female wolf who Mowgli is raised by. I was especially excited about this role because it is my biggest role in a musical at my school, although I am not so sure how many lines I have or if my role is considered a lead because Baloo, Mowgli, and Bagheera are really the only characters that are present throughout the whole musical. But I am still extremely satisfied with the role. Acting and musical theatre is also a passion of mine. I love to sing, dance, and create an entirely new persona on the stage. I believe that this is relative to fashion because I enjoy many visual, performing, and digital arts.
So to the fashion side of things, this week I was driving home from my voice lessons and while at a red light I saw a woman. She was wearing jeans that probably had an elastic waist band, big white sneakers, an oversized powder pink sweatshirt, and her hair was very dated . One might assume that she was a unattractive person because her outfit was a bit of a disaster but I disagree. I am positive that she could look amazing if she got some current clothes, a hair cut, and confidence of course because her posture made her look very sloppy. My point is that everyone can look gorgeous if they put time into their appearance. Many people, in particular women, do not believe that they have the potential to look pretty because they aren't born with traits that have been deemed attractive by the society they live in. But it is all about how you present yourself. If you put a good effort into how you look, dress, and most importantly, portray confidence, then you wont compare yourself to other "more beautiful" people as much. Fashion statements are not about expressing where you shop, how much you spend, or how attractive you look in them as much as displaying another side of your personality, like I said in my first blog, and standing out. If you put yourself out there fashion-wise, people will notice you for who you truly are, which is a beautiful person.

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