Sunday, January 8, 2012

How Lizzie McGuire Changed the World!

I got a really good response from the last post and my blog in general on facebook so I am really happy that I created the Best Dressed Blog. For today's post, I would like to discuss how a certain TV Show has influenced my love for the Fashion Industry and clothes in general. My favorite show is Lizzie Mcguire, which stars my biggest inspiration of all time, Hilary Duff. Hilary is, in my opinion, one of the best role models for young girls today because she is a good actress who has over time taken on many diverse roles, she has a great sense of style, she has had two lines that have spanned different age groups (one for young girls and one for women which is what I want to do if I ever have a line), she has not gotten into any legal trouble, and she takes risks in music as well as acting and fashion. And yes, I am aware that she isn't quite as famous as she was in her Lizzie Mcguire days but I think that it's because she didn't want to sell out by playing the same ditsy blonde character over and over again. She began to choose more mature roles as she grew up and also did many independent films, which is why she is not as well known now. And she is having a baby boy some time this month so I am very, very happy for her and her husband Mike Comrie. Anywhom, the fashion of Lizzie Mcguire is ridiculously awesome and completely me. The clothes of Lizzie McGuire consisted of was colored hair pieces, graphic T-shirts, long sweaters, platform shoes, printed capris, necklaces with heart charms, fluffy pink purses, mixed prints, flip-flops, tons of accessories, and of course the infamous unicorn sweater that Lizzie was forced to wear for picture day. It was very 90's, which is a decade that has its pros and cons in fashion (I very much dislike the grunge, Nirvana-inspired, oversized plaid shirts and sweatshirts with hiking shoes and cuttoff shorts style but I really like the later 90's style that popstars and boy bands sported, although I would not personally wear it), mixed with the new millenium style that tended more towards t-shirts, jeans, and sneakers. But what really inspired me about the show was that the characters, at least Lizzie and Miranda, would never wear outfits that really matched, but they always looked put together. I believe that the clothes I wear likewise don't necessarily match but have somewhat similar elements that just go with each other. Stacy London, the co-host of What Not to Wear, is also a believer of this theory. Outfits do not have to be completely matchy-matchy in order to look good. In fact, adding an element of surprise is what brings out ones personality and creates interest. People do judge you by how you present yourself, but I do not think that they are being superficial by doing so. It has been said many times, but how you dress really does say something you, whether it is true or not. I have chosen the way I dress to be the biggest representation of my true self, because I do come off at first as very shy and conservative but I believe my vibrant style does serve as a way to show people that I actually am an interesting, thoughtful, unique, and opinionated person.

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