Monday, September 8, 2014

The Little Girl in Paris

Two years is the Amount of time it's been since I last posted. now I'm in college and studying Abroad in Paris, France. Because I am now a very different person I am going to change up this modest blog, though I will not change the design of the background because i still love polka dots and colors. And I do not feel Inclined to delete anything related to Lizzie Mcguire show Because That Will Always Be the classic coming of age story for me. 
One thing That Has not changed about me is That I am still a child Despite The Fact That I just turned 20 And I feel as though I still dress like one Partially I see and when to childrens shoes, not sneakers Including, I wonder why They Do not make adult shoes just like them. What Has Changed is That I am no follow a child in suburban Northern California, I am a child in Paris (and That Is Perhaps what I'll rename my blog). Voila! 
In looking 'to Paris, this city just totally rocks (a word Farming in Lizzie Mcguire at least once, I still am a fan)! I came here to study abroad Because I have always wanted to go here, though I state it Often, Because It's is a great place for fashion, All which is not untrue. Paris Seemed HAS always fantastical and beautiful and it is Certainly, but not in the way I expected. Which Makes It Even More fantastical! The buildings surrounding the streets are beautiful and there are no massive highways through the middle of the city like there are in Southern Californian cities. I am quite excited and inspired to call this ole land of Madeline and Satine (two Parisian cinematic spectacular and redheads) my own for the next Few months.