Sunday, January 8, 2012

It's My Life

Konnichiwa! This is my first post of the blog that I wanted to wait until I was out of High School to start writing because I felt as though my life was not exciting enought to begin writing about. But after I was inspired by my sisters decision to write about how books she has read have changed her life and my best gay friend told me that I can make it exciting if I choose for it to be, I decided to go for it. So... about me. I am 17 years old and I have lived in a suburb of Sacramento, California for almost my whole life. I am a senior at a huge High School of over 2,500 kids and although I am the uppermost class, if you saw me in real life you may mistake me for an underclassmen. That is except for the fact that, I must admit, I have style. My friend Karina told me that when she met me last year she would have thought I was a grade lower than I actually am, because I am very short and thin, but the way I dress and present myself made her believe I was the age I actually am. I have always put a big effort into my appearance, at least when I began dressing myself. I have always loved color and not been too fond of black and simplicity. I always wear pattern or at least something that really creates interest in an outfit. Commonly you will see me wearing a short skirt or shorts with tights, a pattern scarf, and a sweater or shirt that is belted at the waist. But there are many variations to my style and I never like to repeat, unless I know no one will remember. Anyway, concerning my future goals, I decided that I wanted to be a Fashion Designer when I was ten or eleven years old. I began searching up colleges when I was eleven to see if they had fashion, mistaking "design" for "fashion design" even though it most commonly meant interior. But ultimately I had no idea how hard the next six years of my life were going to be academically and whether I was even going to stick with this career idea. My seventh and eighth grade years differed immensely. Seventh grade was extremely simple and I seemed to be adjusting well to the transition from the innocence of elementary school to the evil that is middle school. But eighth grade was the most terrible time of my entire life. I had no friends and I became extremely anti-social and lonely. I focused a lot on, because I was taking three honors classes (even though I never took more than two AP's at once in High School, but it was extremely hard work and I was miserable since my social life basically didn't exist. I looked forward to attending sewing class every week, where I could relax and talk to girls somewhat my own age while creating quilts, pajamas, shirts, and drawstring bags. I always feel extremely at ease while I am sewing but still very focused, which is a quality that does not come easily to me. When I entered High School I began making friends, most being artistic, creative, unique people who did not bother to care what their peers thought of them, which reflected in their wardrobe. Sophmore year of High School I stopped shopping at Abercrombie and began taking fashion risks. I was mostly successful but I did wear a lot of puffer jackets when I expected it to be cold outside and those really aren't flattering on anyone. But by the time I was a junior I figured out that my style is a cobination of youthful, kiddish style and sophisticated, older style. And I had determined that I wanted to dedicate my career to predicting the future style of America!

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